Smitherman Services - & TeePee Cattle Company
Smitherman Services   (Horse Training)
    Smitherman Services is owned and operated by Josh & Chelsea Smitherman. Whether it's training, coaching, or matching horse to rider, Smitherman Services is dedicated to great beginnings. Call Smitherman Services with your training and showing needs, when searching for your next prospect, or to evaluate your present horse's ability to meet your goals. Ground work and respect are very important in our training program. We believe that hard work, determination, and dedication creates champions!
    We always have horses for sale, and if we do not have the one that fits you, we will be sure to find one that does! Our goal is to provide to our clients the best possible equine service available. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
     We offer training to outside horses: $1,000 for 30 days of training (includes feed).
  *NOTE: 30 day horses will have a minimum of 25 rides at the end of their training, this may take more than 30 days, depending on weather and scheduals, and no extra charges will apply for the extra days.
    We Specialize In:
* All-Around Horses                        * Rope Horses
    * Barrel/Pole Horses                      
* Ranch Horses                              * Kid Horses
* Conditioning/Tuning                       * Personal Training

* .....AND MUCH MORE!!!
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