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Get To Know The Horses We've Sold Over The Years

Triple Cash Prize - "​Cashew"

18 Yr Old Finished Barrel Horse - 15hh

If you are looking for the next High School/Jr High Rodeo horse, then look no further! She is very easy to ride, no alley issues, gentle, an easy keeper, no buck, no lameness issues or maintenance needed. Not suitable for a beginner but would be a great step-up, because she knows her job and is all business! She can sit for weeks and she will be the same every time. Cashew is easy to get along with; that being said, she will go the pace the rider asks. If you just want to cruise through, she is a solid 3D/4D Horse, but if you are willing to push one, she is 1D/2D all the way! She has a lot under her belt and has been hauled all over the US to rodeos, NBHA State Finals, and in many different Associations.



14 Yr Old - Big & Stout!

Finished Head/Heel/Ranch Gelding

Worm has been everywhere, won thousands on him heading and heeling from the 8 Ropings to the PRCA Rodeos!

For more information and videos, please give us a call. We will be happy to let you know all about this amazing gelding!


Finished Head/Heel/Ranch Horse - 15.2hh - 7 Years Old

Been used on the ranch his whole life and on a big yearling operation doctoring tons of wheat pasture cattle. He’s kid gentle and one that we give lessons on for true beginners but also one we compete on at many different levels in the Ropings.



17yr Head/Ranch Gelding Gentle, gentle and you can run as many as you want to on him. Lot of run, big move, faces good. He’s had lots of money won on him. Great for the World Series Ropings.

Selling him as Grade

Princess J Lo

7 Yr Old Black Mare

Finished Head/Heel Horse

Been used on the ranch her whole life


10 Yr Old 

Finished Head/Heel/Ranch/Barrel Gelding

AKA “Bex” is 15.2hh and is as gentle as they come! He’s been used up in the mountains of Montana and a yearling operation down here in Texas. Good for any level to head/heel; will go any pace you ask. You can run 100 on him! He has helped beginners learn how to rope, and is patterned on barrels. 


"Tiger" 6 Year Old Palomino Gelding

By a Clone of Reminic and Out of a Sunfrost Mare

Finished Head/Heel/Ranch Horse

“Hustled by Hickory”

16 Yr Old Finished All Around Mare - 14hh

Heel/Breakaway/Tie Down

She's been to the JR High Nationals Heeling for the past 3 years and the Top 5 Breakaway in Region Jr High Rodeo Standings for the past 3 years! She is as gentle as they come. Absolutely anyone can ride her and she adapts to any level!

Steers/Calves Available!



14 Yr Old Dun Gelding

Finished Head/Heel/Ranch Horse

P-Lynn is as gentle as they come! He's done absolutely everything on the ranch from catching wild cattle, dragging calves to the fire, doctored yearlings, etc. He's been won at jackpots and rodeos with a #3 Header/Heeler to a #8 Header/Heeler. He will adapt to any level of rider!



16 Yr Old Bay Gelding

Finished Head/Ranch Horse

Been to the World Series Finals in Vegas

Gentle, Gentle! Been hauled to Breakaways a bunch.



14Yr Old Black Breakaway/TieDown/Heel/Barrel Gelding - 13.1hh

Here is the perfect all around Pony! He's been used on the ranch and hauled to countless Junior Rodeos! Scores like a rock, good in the box, and will work the rope.

You can kick him out for 6 months and get back on him without skipping a beat. He is extremely gentle, no buck whatsoever and you can even ride him bridleless! You can throw a beginner on him to learn off of or get an experienced one to go win some Jr Rodeos! He will only go as fast or slow as you ask him to. He will not act like a typical pony, he is stout, rides one handed in the bridle, is stout, and will keep up with big horses

“Too Smart To Be Dun”


7 Yr Old Bay Gelding - 14 hh

Finished 2D Barrel Horse - Started Breakaway/Heel Horse

"Too Short" is automatic, will go to the right or left, and has absolutely no alley issues! He has also been used on the ranch his whole life!

“High Brow”


6Yr Old All Around Grade Mare - 14.2hh Finished Head/Heel Horse, patterned on barrels, and started on tie down.

She has been hauled to every Ranch Rodeo, Jackpot, and Rodeo there is. She has been used on the ranch her whole life and has been put in every situation you can imagine: from dragging out live pigs, to punchin in the swamps of Louisiana.

Don't let her size fool you, she is built like a tank and will out pull just about anything! Whether you are looking for a Jr High/High School Rodeo Horse or Open Rodeo Horse, she will fit the bill. Currently being hauled by a #3 & #8 Heeler - She easily adapts to your skill level.

Shinin Hot N Blonde 


2005 Granddaughter of Shining Spark

She is very broke, extremely gentle, and will spin a hole in the ground! We have used her in all aspects of ranch work and she is one you can use for just about a reining cow horse, penning, or sorting. Get on her today or kick her out for a couple months, she will be the same great horse every time! 15.2hh



1995 AQHA Sorrel Gelding - 15 hh - Here is the perfect horse that every family needs to own! Would be great for beginners, or riders that would like to build their confidence. "Doc" has been used as a kids ranch horse for the past 6 years. He has more "slow" than "go" and is very easy to handle! No bad habits and a pleasure to be around!

“Mr Leos Cowboy”


"ScarFace" has done everything imaginable off of the ranch and is the perfect horse that the entire family will enjoy! I have thought long and hard about selling this horse. My wife has learned to rope off of him, as well as our 2 yr old son and many of our friends. Over the past year I have used this horse to break in over 2,000 head of fresh cattle.

We have owned ScarFace for a little over 2 years now. He is who I make a living off of! You can do absolutely anything off of him. He has never taken a lame step or offered to buck. It doesn't matter how long you stay off of him, you can kick him out in the pasture for a year and he will still be the same horse! 



8 Yr. Old Grade Bay Mare - 14.2hh-

"Cricket" is broke, gentle, and you can run 100 a day on her! 100% Sound and been hauled to countless JackPots. Cricket has plenty of speed for any type of cattle. She's also been used outside on the ranch and started on the Barrels. We have an arena & cattle available rain or shine!

“Storm T Cat”


"Storm" is extremely gentle, and docile as they come. I've done everything on this horse that I've done on the horses I've had for 10 years. In the pasture, if you put your hand down on the cow, you are not going to get outrun or left behind!

It doesn't matter how hard that cow turns to get away from you or runs in the water or swamps, you will be able to catch the cow no matter what! The possibilities are endless with him! He is also patterned on the barrels

“Big Red”

Big Red is a Finished Head Horse, been hauled everywhere, and had lots of money won on him from the #8 Roping all the way up to Open Rodeos. He will fit a beginner to experienced roper.

Always calm in the box and honest in the field. The kind you can run 50 steers on or ride once a month! Absolutely anyone can ride him! He has been used in all aspects of ranch work and hauled to several Ranch Rodeos.

“Tulen Around Town”


Finished Cutter - Finished Barrel/Pole Horse

Calf Horse - Hauled absolutely everywhere and used in many

Ranch Rodeos

"HeadLight" has been there and done that! She is the perfect All Around horse for absolutely anyone out there! Great for any level of rider!

“Cool Blues Gin”


"Cool Blues Gin" - Coming 5 Yr Old Buckskin Gelding

Started Barrel Horse. Been used on the ranch his whole life. Started Head/Heel Horse. 


10 Yr Old Grey LeadLine Pony - Very Gentle - 9.2hh

She is the perfect first pony! Fancy will go anywhere you lead her, a great confidence builder, will stand tied all day, and is good for the farrier. She has been around dogs, goats, cattle, donkeys, guns, 4-wheelers and will even walk inside your house!

Silk Stockin Girl - “Silky”



Out of INVISIBLE INJUN and SILK TO CASH - Absolutely anyone can ride her! She is very gentle, honest, quiet and docile. Been used on the ranch and has been roped off of. Would make a good head horse. Has 60 days of Professional Barrel Training and will be a top notch barrel horse!

She has a "been there, done that" attitude about everything! She is level headed, soft in the bridle, works off of your legs, collects herself and rides just as good bareback with a halter as she does with a saddle and bridle. You can climb all over her, stand up on her, slide off her butt, crawl underneath her, etc. She has been around dogs, donkeys, goats, guns, 4-wheelers, pigs, bulls, and traffic. The possibilities are endless with this one!


This girl can do it all and is cute as a button! Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind pony! She has been roped off of, day worked off of, and she is the perfect playday pony. She rides around like a horse, moves off of leg pressure, neck reins, stops on a dime, can also ride her bareback in a halter.

She has been around dogs, goats, horses, 4-wheelers, guns, traffic, etc. She will do anything you ask her to do and can go all day long!

“JCL Tootsies Pride - "Big Man"


JCL Tootsies Pride - "Big Man"

Finished 2D Gelding

You can stand up on him, crawl underneath him and ride him bareback in a halter.

Sit there and ride or push him all the way. Started Head Horse and been used on the ranch.

We have roped bulls and drug calves off of him.

“Black Mamba”

"Black Mamba" - 12 Yr Old, 14hh, Black Gelding, but don't let his size fool you, he is tuff! You can drag calves and doctor in the pasture all day. You can also ride him bareback in a halter. He has done everything you can think of on a ranch... . He is used to guns, 4-wheelers, pigs, goats, dogs, traffic and much more! No hump or buck at all, no matter how long he has been turned out. He is easy to handle and broke for anyone to ride. Shouldn't be anything a child can't do off him! Playdays, Horseshows, Rodeos, Judged or Speed Events, Trail Riding, Parades, Grand Enteries ..... Anything and everything they could ever want to do horseback!!

“TFR Hocus the Pocus”


TFR Hocus The Pocus

Had a full year of cutting training as a 2 Yr Old and has been day worked on since


"TOBY" - 9 Yr Old Gelding - 15.1hh

Patterned on Barrels and started hauling to local Jackpots!

Shiners Ginny Girl

She neck reins, works off of leg pressure, soft in the bridle, has a big stop and is used to dogs, guns, traffic, and 4-wheelers!

8-Year-Old Bay Gelding


8 Year Old Bay Gelding. Doc's Hickory Bred. Started Head/Heel/Calf Horse. He is gentle, really broke and has a big motor. He has been used on the ranch and has been to many ranch rodeos and sortings.



She is the type that is so broke you can get her to do anything!



5 Yr Old Buckskin. Solid Ranch Gelding. Willing to do anything.

He is a good rope horse prospect, easy to handle, and is very docile.

“Mickey Mouse”

10.2 hh - Current Coggins - Very Laid Back

Bathe and Pick up Feet

Used to horses, traffic, dogs, 4-wheelers, etc.

Broke to ride - has a very smooth lope!

Great for beginner or experienced!


Smooth Cowboy Trot and Lope - 15 hh

Used on a ranch up in the Mountains of New Mexico.

Does not care about anything!

14-Year-Old Stout Black Mare

14 Yr Old Stout Black Mare

She is also a good playday horse.

She is VERY Broke and super gentle.


"Charcoal" is a coming 4 Yr Old Gray Mare

Has a BIG Stop!

6-Year-Old Red Roan Gelding

Been Heeled Off Of - 15hh

5-Year-Old Sorrel Mare


Light Mouth and Smooth Trot and Lope

Good Barrel Prospect

“Big Mama”

"Big Mama" is a 18 Year Old Paint Mare. Finished Head/Heel/Calf Horse. I have won over $500,000 on her. ANYONE can ride this horse! Same trip every time. Solid, Solid, Solid! 15 hh.


Leadline or Riding Pony

He has been ridden at a sale barn/feed lot. We can ride him in and out of trailers, and he rides bareback in a halter. You can stand upn on him and crawl all over him.



"Cody" is an awesome little guy! He is the perfect kid horse....super gentle! He will really ride around. Will ride with a halter bareback and do the same as being saddled with a bit. He works off your leg with very little pressure, collects, rolls back, pivots, side passes, and stops on a dime...there isn't much this guy won't do! You can even shoot off of him and he won't move a muscle!

He is started in many disciplines: heeling, calf roping, cutting, barrels and poles. He has SO much heart! I have doctored yearlings on him and he has been used outside a ton. His mane goes down to his shoulders!

“Tar Sugar”

This guy is a tank! Nothing bothers him, he is bomb proof! He will do anything you ask him to do. Has a lot of heart! Been shot off of. Finished head and heel horse. Scores great. Pretty solid steer-tripping horse. He's done everything you can think of as a ranch horse. I've roped 2,200 pound bulls off of him. I've owned him for 9 years and he is my "go-to" man!

Smart Goldie Rox 


  • Double-Bred Doc Bar and Peppy San
  • Been Used Outside a Ton
  • Tripped Steers
  • Wonderful Ranch Horse
  • Has Drug Hundreds of Calves
  • Has a Ton of Heart
  • Super Gentle
  • Been Hunted and Shot Off Of
  • No Buck
  • 3D/4D Barrel Horse With Lots of Potential
  • Solid 2D/3D Poles
  • No Alley Issues at All
  • She Will Go Whatever Speed You Want Her to Go
  • Doesn’t Act Like a Mare
  • Would Be a Perfect Junior Rodeo Horse
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