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What our customers are saying

We love hearing what our clients have to say! Come experience this life changing opportunity! 

For me to simply call Josh my roping coach would be a huge understatement. This man has not only improved my roping unimaginably, but turned my whole life around. I cannot even put what he has done for me into words. His dedication and determination is always shown by example everything he does. His passion is infectious. Just being around him and his family makes me want to continue down this path and grow even more. There is never a time when we aren't learning something new. He pushes me beyond my limits and pulls my very best qualities out. He has changed my perspective on life in general for the better. This man is truly one of a kind. He is my Hero! 

~  Eli J. ~

Josh Smitherman is a kind, compassionate, focused, very talented and patient man. He has a way of finding the potential in people and animals and has a way of tapping into that potential and bringing it to the surface.  He has helped my daughter tap into her potential in her roping and taught her to believe in herself. He helped her realize at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you accomplished what you set out to accomplish and came out a little better than you were when you started the day. He reinforced to her that you must be kind and understanding and always put in a hard days work to reach your goals.

~ Angela D. ~

I have upped my game mentally and physically. Josh has not only encouraged me, but also my partners. It's just as much of a mental game as physical. Thank you! I could have never got it out of my hand as fast as I do now!

~ Candice B. ~

Thank you so much! Your long hours and your passion to help others succeed has catapulted me back into the Team Roping world. If it wasn't for your dedication to see me be successful, my drive would not be so strong. Thank you isn't enough, you are an amazing coach!

~ Gary R. ~

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